The Top 5 Places To Eat In New York

Visiting New York this year and in need of some good restaurant recommendations? Read on for the best, must eat, must-try and must-visit restaurants in New York!

TAO Downtown

TAO Downtown

TAO Downtown, Meatpacking District, Manhattan

The Lowdown: If TAO were a person, she would be a beautiful Bond girl. Sophisticated, well-dressed, elegant, mysterious - you wouldn’t know if she was a double agent or not, but you’d undoubtedly be intrigued enough to stick around.

Pan-Asian eatery, TAO is super cool, dimly lit, spicy - polished with an almost tangible vibe. Whoever did the interior here did an exceptional job. Stepping into TAO makes you feel like you’re stepping into a Grammy’s after-party. The customers are all sexy cool-kids, and the décor and ambience are just exquisite. Very much a dining experience.

Best for: An extravagant date or mate’s night. Your best dinner outfit for your trip – wear it here.

Recommended dish: Miso roasted black cod.

Insider FYI: Book early and ask for a seat on the stairs. You can see the whole restaurant, and it will make for an extra special and memorable trip (and make the experience feel even more exclusive).

Insider FYI II: If you want to keep costs down the food is actually quite reasonably priced. The drinks are big money, so if you want a super fancy dinner on a bit of a budget, maybe get your drinks elsewhere.

TAO tunnel entrance

TAO tunnel entrance

Roberta’s, Bushwick, Brookyln

The Lowdown: Hipster pizza place in Brooklyn, famously featured in the HBO series, GIRLS (An incredible series btw if you haven’t seen it! Think Sex and the City for Millennials).

Best for: If you want to check out a hipster pizza joint in Brooklyn. Cue lots of beards, piercings and tattoos.

Recommended dish: Cowabunga Dude - pizza toppings: tomato, pepperoni, parmigiano, mushrooms, onion, green peppers, olives and caciocavallo.

Insider FYI: Inside is cool, but I’d recommend sitting outside in the garden area, it's more spacious, and I think, more fun.

Roberta’s, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Roberta’s, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Bubby’s, Tribeca, Manhattan

The Lowdown: I would go as far as to say, the best brunch (food-wise) I have ever had. American comfort food at it’s best. Think eggs, pancakes, pies, fried chicken, waffles, the list seems endless [heart eyes emoji].

Best for: BRUNCH - If you want to go healthy or lather up those pancakes in maple syrup and powdered sugar, you can do either here!

Recommended dish: The omelettes there are marvellous, I can’t recommend them enough. The pancakes too are sublime, I ordered both and shared them between two people. 

Insider FYI: Bubby’s have two locations in New York. Tribeca and the Highline – the High Line location has a take out window for the High Line so you can grab and go and have your own Bubby’s picnic on New York’s elevated railway, turned public park.

Bubby’s Tribeca

Bubby’s Tribeca

Inside Bubby’s Tribeca

Inside Bubby’s Tribeca

Riverpark, Murray Hill, Manhattan

The Lowdown: Chilled, is rarely a word used to describe New York, but this place does chill well, and is truly a hidden gem within Manhattan. Riverpark is a wonderfully designed, elegant, yet relaxed farm-to-table restaurant along the Hudson River. The customers all seemed to be New York locals too, which is always a good sign.

Best for: A laid-back, yet chic dinner by the Hudson, away from the Manhattan hustle and bustle. If you were famous and needed a night off, this is the kind of place you could come to 'get away from it all'.

Recommended dish: The pasta dishes there are really stand-out, some of the best pasta I have had outside of Italy.

Insider FYI: The inside of Riverpark is beautifully decorated, but this could be said of so many places in New York. Ask for a table outside so you have water views, a pleasant fresh breeze and a different kind of New York dining experience.



Big Daddy’s, Gramercy, Manhattan

The Lowdown: If you’re looking for a classic American dining experience, the ones you’ve imagined, just like in the movies, then look no further. I present to you, Big Daddy’s

Best for: A big fat, unhealthy American brunch – think pancakes, waffles, coffee, cocktail glasses legit as big as your head, the whole shebang.

Recommended dish: Pancakes, so many pancakes…

Insider FYI: The food here is delicious, but beware, the portion sizes are pretty insane - the image below doesn’t do them justice. I went there starving and honestly only managed to finish a third of my pancakes! Two people sharing one pancake dish I would say is enough.


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